Sailing Plan Sp1 for the Straits


Please kindly send us the following information and documents before 48 hours to your arrival to the Dardanelles Straits.

- Sailing Plan 1 (see below)



A  Ship's name, call sign, flag, IMO Number, MMSI Number

B  Time (reporting date and time)

C  Position (reporting position)

F  Sea speed (max continuous maneuvering speed)

G  Port of departure

H  Date, time and point of entry into Traffic Separation Scheme

I  Port of destination

J  Request pilot  YES/NO

      Strait of Istanbul, (     )

      Sea of Marmara      (     )

      Strait of Canakkale (     )

O  Forward and aft draught(meters)

    Max air draught (meters)

P  Cargo (type of cargo and quantity)

Q  Defect/damage/deficiencies/other limitations

R  Description of dangerous, nuclear and pollution goods

T  1- Ship's Agent/Representative

   2- Master's name and surname

U  Ship's type/size

       1.Length overall (LOA meters)

       2.Breadth (meters)

       3.GRT / GT / NRT

       4.Single/Double Hull

       5.Year of built

W  Number of crew

X  1- P & I Club name, policy number and expiry date

   2- Last Port State Control place and date

   3- ROB  Bunker   FO :        DO :           LO :           FW :

Z  Bunker Tanks capacity        FO :           DO :

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