Botas-Ceyhan (Iraqi Oil)

Basic Port Info





- Security level of port       : 1

- Name/Contact details of PFSO : MR. ABDULLAH HERGUNER- +90 (322) 639-2465

NUMBER OF TUGS  : as per port regulations tugs are used on basis of GT as under:

       GT          TUGS

--------------  --------

   2000 -  5000     1

   5001 - 30000     2

  30001 - 75000     3  

  75001 amd up      4

- We avail ourselves of this opportunity to Refresh your records on the Limitations of the Terminal:

Berth No                    1          2          3          4

----------------------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------

- Max Sdwt Metric Tons     N/A        N/A        N/A        N/A

- Max Displacement

   while Mooring  M/T    190,000    190,000    105,000    105,000

- Max Loa (meters)           355        355        300        300

- Max Draft (meters)        23.0       23.0       18.0       17.0

- Max Height of

   Manifolds (meters)       22.5       22.5       21.0       21.0

- Number x Size

   of Manifolds         4 X 20''   4 X 20''   4 X 16''   4 X 16''

- Loading Rate

  (cbm per hour)          20,000     20,000     10,000     10,000

Pls note the following Basic Information:

1. LMT = GMT + 2 Hours (+3 Hours end of March until end of October)


2. Terminal Located At : 36 52 57 N

                          35 56 09 E

3. Anchorage Area : Outside of 1 Mile-Radius-Area From end of Jetty.

4. Pilotage and tugging are compulsory. Pilot stays on board as

    loading Master. Vessel should prepare accomodation for pilot.

5. Vessel will berth alongside Jetty where Gangway and loading

    arms are automatically given from shore.

    4 x 16'' connections always to be kept on loading arms and various reducers

    are available.

    Berthing Side can only be known once berthing is scheduled.

6. Berthing/Unberthing Carried out round the clock.

7. The Tankers must use synthetic ropes or if they have to use

    steel lines, these steel lines must have a tail made of

    Synthetic ropes at the eye end given ashore, of about 15-20

    meters long.

    Mooring layout is as follows :

    Fore : 4 head lines  + 2 brest + 2 springs

    Aft  : 4 stern lines + 2 brest + 2 springs

    More lines are to be added in bad weather condition.

8. Botas/Ceyhan has shore Facilities for dirty ballast.

    Total Volume of shore tanks 35000 CBM.

    Receiving capacity  : 5,000 Cbm/Hour

    Refining capacity   : 1,000 Cbm/Hour



    First 2,000 cbm: Euros 3.-  per CBM

               then: Euros 0.25 per additionnal CBM

    Fyi, Terminal does not Guarantee shore space upon arrival.

    Tankers arriving with dirty ballast might lose their turn

    for berthing if Required shore space is not available.

    Clean Ballast is to be discharged to sea, however,

    master to be very careful re ballast onboard and not

    to throw overboard any clean ballast for which he is not

    100 percent sure as Terminal strictly follows the

    deballasting. We recommend that the last part is

    delivered to shore tanks.

    Guidance, fines for Pollution are up to Usd 250,000.-

    On the other hand, wrong information re ballast may cause

    extra charges.

    Example : A few vessels which declared total clean ballast

    were unmoored when the master, after berthing, declared that

    the ballast was totally/partly dirty and the vessel was

    charged with double docking/undocking expenses.

9. Master to cable 72/48/24 hours notices

10. Master to cable following Info

    - Eta

    - Summer Dwt/GT/Nrt

    - Arrival displacement

    - Quantity of Cargo Required

    - Maximum Loading Rate

    - Number and Diameter of Manifolds

    - Air draft of Manifolds

    - Quantity of Ballast Onboard Indicating Clean And Dirty separately

    - Time required for deballasting and whether prior loading

       or during loading

    - Whether the vessel is Gas Free or not

    - Arrival Draft/LOA/Registry number/IMO number

    - Sailing draft

    - Whether N.O.R. will be tendered on arrival, otherwise when

    - Last port / next port

    - Master's name / number of crew



    The following certificates to also be e-mailed or faxed to us soonest:







   Meanwhile we kindly ask you to fill up and send back the attached forms





      I M P O R T A N T


    Somo Delegation informing that vessels arriving without

    such information might lose their berthing sequence.

11. Master to contact ''Botas'' Terminal on Vhf Channel 16 or

    22, 2 hours prior arrival and ask for Iraq office.

12. Master to also contact on Vhf Botas Terminal immediately

    upon arrival confirming time of arrival and time N.O.R.


13. Garbage fees are charged regardless whether the service is used or not.

    Vessel to coordinate with the Loading Master the disposal of garbage.

14. B/L form used by the shippers is the following. The Backside of

    this B/L is blank. Shippers do not add any other clause than the

    ones mentioned below.

    SCAC Code which must be used in Bs/L of vessels to discharge

    in U.S.A. ports, is not inserted unless mentioned in the L/C.

    In order to avoid delays during signing of the

    documents and sailing, Owners are kindly requested to give

    their approval to Master in due time to sign such a B/L.


            SOMO Bill of Lading

            Shipment no.CK/---

     Shipped in good apparent condition by SOMO in the S/S - M/T

    called ---- whereof ----- is Master for this present voyage

    now lying at the Port of Ceyhan-Turkey IRAQ CRUDE OIL

    (Kirkuk crude) in bulk

          Cubic meters   U.S.barrels  Long Tons   Metric Tons



    and to be delivered (subject to under mentioned conditions and

    exceptions) in like good order and condition at the Port of

    ---- or as near thereto as she may safely get (always afloat)

    unto order ---- or to their assigns upon payment of freight as

    per charter party, all conditions and exeptions of which charter

    party, including the negligence clause, are deemed to be

    incorporated in this Bill of Lading.

     The Ship has liberty before of after proceeding on the voyage

    to proceed to and stay at any port or ports in any order for

    any purpose and not withstanding that same may be out of the

    direct route to the port of discharge, with liberty to sail

    without pilots, and to tow or to be towed and to tow and assist

    vessels in distress or otherwise in all positions, and to

    deviate for the purpose of saving life or proper

     In witness whereof the Master of the said ship has affirmed

    to Three Bils of Lading, all of this tenor and date, one of

    which being accomplished the others to stand void.


      dated at Ceyhan-Turkey this ----- day of ---- 20

15. I M P O R T A N T

   There is a ban on South Cyprus related vessels.


   - flying South Cyprus flag, or

   - Registered at South Cyprus, or

   - Owned or operated or managed by residents of South Cyprus, or

   - Owned or operated or managed by South Cyprus citizens, even

      if they are residents of other countries, or

   - vessels owned and/or managed by persons or their affiliates,

      who have double nationality, one of which being South Cyprus,

   - Regardless of their flag, vessels which have South Cypriot


   are not accepted at Turkish ports.

   Furthermore, regardless of its flag, any vessel which has cargo for

   South Cyprus or coming from any South Cyprus port (loaded or on

   ballast) or any vessel going from Turkey to any South Cypriot port

   is not accepted at Turkish ports.

   Vessels which are sold to other countries, if they cannot submit the

   proper documents proving the new register and that the old register

   at South Cyprus has been cancelled, are also not accepted.

16. Free Pratique is granted only upon boarding of the Sanitary

    Officer. To avoid fines, Master to ensure that the yellow

    flag is hoisted until Sanitary Officer grants the Free

    Pratique and gives approval to put the yellow flag down.

17. Our office hours during which master can contact us on

    Vhf Channel 16:

    Everyday (Including Sat/Sun/Holidays during which we have

    one person on duty) :

    08:30 - 12:30   /    14:30 - 18:30 Lmt.

18. Telephone contact possible through Turk Radio Vhf Channel 16.

19. Fresh water is available alongside only, at EURO 3.50 Per Mt 

20. Terminal does not Permit Bunkering or Lighterage while


21. Please note that Port State Controls commenced in Turkey.

22. Our Full Addresses :


Boutros Maritime and Transport S.A.

Ataturk Bulvari, Unsal Han - Kat 1

31200 Iskenderun - TURKEY

Phone   : +90 (326) 613-4567 / +90 (326) 614-0230

Fax     : +90 (326) 614-0234 / +90 (326) 614-0237

Telex   : (0607) 68123 sail tr - (0607) 68131 sail tr

E-mail  :

Web     :

Persons to Contact


Zekeriya Dik     +90 (532) 394-2802  Ops Manager

Adnan Albayrak   +90 (532) 394-2801

Murat Koroglu    +90 (539) 891-9223

Zeki Keser       +90 (537) 294-3306

Axel E. BOUTROS +90 (532) 244-1234  Managing Owner

Emil E. BOUTROS +90 (532) 212-8888

  1. 23.Documents Required for clearance

   - Last port clearance

   - Maritime health declaration

   - 2 Copies of Ports of call List

   - 8 Copies of Crew List

   - 4 Copies of Store List

   - 4 Copies of Crew Effect Declaration

Also a photocopy of the following certificates for the port authorities (Originals will be checked by the Harbor Master):

- International Ship Security Certificate,

- Safety construction certificate,

- Safety equipment certificate,

- Safety radio certificate,

- International load line certificate,

- Classification certificate,

- Int. Oil pollution prevention Cert.    

- International Tonnage certificate (1969) (3 Copy),

- Minimum safe manning  (2 copy),

- Safety management certificate),

- Documents of Compliance,

- Certificate of registry,

- CLC certificate,

- Medical chest certificate(2 copy) ,

- Ship sanitation control exemption certificate,

- Radio officer's certificate,

- Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) certificates,

- Sewage pollution certificate,

- GMDSS cert. copy of 3 officers, (If no Radio/Officer on board)




Please do not Hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require.

Boutros Maritime & Transports

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