Ban on South Cyprus

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There is a ban on South Cyprus related vessels.


   - flying South Cyprus flag, or

   - Registered in South Cyprus, or

   - Owned or operated or managed by residents of South Cyprus, or

   - Owned or operated or managed by South Cyprus citizens, South Cyprus

     citizens, even if they are residents of another country, or

   - Vessels owned and/or managed by persons or their affiliates,

     who have a double nationality, one of which being South Cyprus,

   - Regardless of their flag, vessels which have South Cypriot


   are not accepted at Turkish ports.

   Furthermore, regardless of its flag, any vessel which has cargo for

   South Cyprus or coming from any South Cyprus port (loaded or on

   ballast) or any vessel going from Turkey to any South Cypriot port,

   is not accepted at Turkish ports.

Vessels which are sold to other countries, if they cannot submit the proper documents proving the new register and that the old register at South Cyprus has been cancelled, are also not accepted.

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