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1) Maritime security level of the port.

* Level 1

2) Security requirement for cargo / bunker handling.

* Bunkering by barge during vessel at berth is not available.

3) Any security incidents/threats reported by the port.

* N/a- Terminal Notice attached.

4) Any special requirements by the port with respect to security.

5) Kindly confirm that the port facility is complying with the requirements of the ISPS code & will they sign a declaration of security if so required.

* Yes. Security declaration will be signed if required.

6) Port ID number.

7) UN locator number.

8) Assigned port facility number.

* Tupras Terminal ISPS infos are as follows:

Statement number & IMO Number:

0135070(2235070) (TRALI-0004)

PFSO                   Mr. A. Levent BICER

Contact Details 

                      +90 (232) 498 50 41 Office

                       +90 (533) 344 39 25 GSM

                       +90 (232) 498 50 00 /01 / 02  Fax

Port Security Level    1

9) AIS to be switched off or switched to low power (2 watts) in accordance with  Port authority requirements (If no reply received from you we consider it to be switched off).

* There is no requirement by port authority requirements. You may switch it to low power.